The Allocadence dashboard is fully customizable per individual user. Simply drag and drop the widgets onto the dashboard for a quick snapshot of your operations every time you login.

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Supplier and PO Management

Businesses can get a handle on procurement with built in supplier and purchase order management functionality. Upload supplier catalogs and source products easily. Prepare appropriately by knowing when to expect your supplier orders.


When a shipment arrives containing fresh stock, it is verified for accuracy against the original PO and can be accepted into the system with just a few clicks or scans with a handheld scanner.

Inventory Management

Detailed information on inventory items is available and easily searched based on user input. In-stock quantity, inbound replenishment, and reorder levels can be reviewed from a single screen.

Location View

Allocadence is built from the ground up with support for intra-warehouse location data. Items are assigned a specified location when received into the system, and any movement is tracked and updated. This facilitates other key processes such as cycle counting and order picking.
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Location Detail

Users can create an internal location tree that precisely corresponds to their shelving layout or bin system. This can be as simple or as detailed as the warehouse requires.

allocadence inventory instock

Cycle Counting

Cycle counting processes are fully supported. This functionality capitalizes on our location based item management to make it simple for users to verify accuracy of stock in the warehouse, without having to shut down the whole operation for a wall-to-wall inventory count.
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Order Fulfillment

Customer orders are typically imported by API from sales channels or shipping applications, and remain in an “Open Orders” view throughout the stages of fulfillment. Status is easily reviewed to understand where each order stands in the process.
Ready To Ship Screen

Orders Ready to Pick

Orders that can be fulfilled with stock on hand are organized into a separate “Ready to Pick” view, useful for picking personnel to organize their work flow. Picking can be executed order-by-order, or in a zone-based method where items are picked based on proximity. Allocadence supports either method.
Order Picking Screen
Warehouse Location Inventory List

Electronic Pick Lists

Pick lists can either be printed to paper or can be managed entirely electronically, depending on how a warehouse is equipped. Location information is readily displayed to help the stock picker find items quickly and efficiently.

User Roles

Allocadence user permissions are based on a role or job function. An admin user may turn on or turn off the ability for other individuals to view certain screens, so that employees will see a streamlined interface tailored to their specific duties.
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