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Hello & Nice to Meet You

About Us

We're a group of inspired and seasoned pros who've successfully implemented last-mile delivery, shipping, and inventory solutions since the 90's. We're early thinkers for web-based and mobile solutions for this industry when everyone else thought it was crazy to implement solutions on the Internet (including the Fortune 150 company we worked for). We're still innovating to this day! What's our latest innovation? Solutions architects that listen before selling. Real, caring, US-based support staff that commiserate and work to find a rapid solution for you. We're innovating by answering your call in real-time when you need help. But rest assured, we're continuing to build an approachable and inexpensive application for your warehouse needs. We have something that will fit your budget and fulfill your warehouse's expectations.

Our Team

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Fred Werner

Hi, I'm Fred Werner, the CEO. I personally oversee every aspect of our service and work with our amazing customer success team to ensure everything runs smoothly. And guess what? No robots here. As a customer, you can always contact me directly whenever you have any questions.

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National Account Executive

Jeff Itoh

Hey, I'm Jeff. I help empower our clients with innovative solutions that drive growth. I am dedicated to building strong partnerships, understanding your unique business needs, and helping solve challenges. I look forward to working with you! 

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Chief Project Architect

Ryan Murray

Hello there, I'm Ryan Murray Allocadence's Chief Project Architect. My team implements your project. We've created an onboarding process designed for success. My team of experts will lead you through a frustration-free installation with a full 100% money-back guarantee.

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Inventory Software Specialist

Scot Leith

Hi, I'm Scot. As an inventory software specialist, my passion lies in streamlining operations and  helping companies become more efficient. Together we will eliminate inefficiencies and help you better manage your inventory and warehouse management.  

Our Experience

We've provided solutions for some of the largest and most admired organizations in the world across the public and private sectors. In the public sector, we're proud to call the US Coast Guard, Walter Reed Medical Center, Orange County Disaster Preparedness, and the US Navy our customers. In the private sector, you'll find Toyota, Marriott, SUNY, Merck, and Ponce De Leon Bank among our success stories. As you can see, we've installed our software in education, financial, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and government entities. Our small business initiatives support young entrepreneurs seeking an e-commerce order management platform for omnichannel retail. 

Work with Us!

Book a consultation with an expert for a live Q&A session and product tour!

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