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Stressed about running out of essential supplies? Allocadence automates the process, allowing educators to focus on what matters most.

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Unlimited Users

Unlimited Support

Unlimited Integrations

Save Time & Support Your Staff


Budget Tracking

Set spending caps for each user or department, with quick visibility of the budget’s remaining balances and automatically reset on a certain date. 

Store Manager

Multiple Locations

 Schools have massive inventory levels. Always know where inventory is located, whether it is in a warehouse, storeroom, closet, or classroom. 

Young Professor

Unlimited Users

The entire staff benefits from working under one system with no additional cost per user, saving room in your budget. 

School Children

Order Management

Never run out of supplies again. Items can be ordered through the app, sending email notifications to the appropriate department to review, approve,
and order. 

Using a Computer


Allocadence can be launched on any computer or device with just a web browser login - no software to install. Your team can be up and running in
no time. 

Man Using a Tablet

Go Mobile

Better accessibility when you need it. Our app is available for iOS and Android - giving you access to inventory functions wherever you are. 

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Hi, I'm Fred Werner, the CEO. I personally oversee every aspect of our service and work with our amazing customer success team to ensure everything runs smoothly. And guess what? No robots here. As a customer, you can always contact me directly whenever you have any questions.

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