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Order picker

With so many different platforms available, keeping track of your orders can be a challenge. Allocadence provides a comprehensive overview of your orders across all platforms - guaranteeing your orders are packed and delivered on time.

Expedited Order









Support your team with our order fulfillment functionality.


Orders from Anywhere

Our system seamlessly integrates to all the top platforms and marketplaces, allowing you to effortlessly import orders, or manually enter orders directly into the system. Easily view, edit, and cancel orders on one page.

Allocadence-stock management.jpeg

Stock Allocation

Automate stock allocation and leave the work to the system or control the assignment process directly. Your rules for allocation are implemented across warehouses, keeping your
inventory unified. 

Online Warehouse Workers

Pick and Pack

Whether you piece pick or batch pick, you have the necessary tools in your hand to prepare your orders for shipment. Scan electronically or enable scan verification by connecting your scanning equipment or selecting from a web or mobile app.


Simplified Returns

Avoid the anxiety of lengthy returns. With our quick and simple RMA process, you can easily return goods to inventory or reconcile returns.

Distribution Warehouse with High Shelves

Internal Orders

Manage inventory for internal use and rapidly issue it to workers with Quick Issue. The allocation process operates in the background in real-time reducing stock quantities as needed without interfering with other orders.

Warehouse Team in Meeting

Support Your Team

Equip your team with the resources and tools they need to succeed with unlimited user accounts and unlimited integrations.

Ready to Embrace Expedited Order Fulfillment?

Book a consultation with an expert for a live Q&A session and product tour!

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