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Secure control of your inventory. Allocadence reflects your inventory in real-time across multiple channels, no matter the number of platforms or warehouses.

Accurate Inventory
Made Easy









Support your team with our inventory management functionality.

Store Manager

Item Management

 Streamline your setup times by uploading stock, including the SKUs, item numbers, UPC, EAN, category and stock levels - in one place. Choose whether items have multiple units of measure, several pictures, or which warehouse they are assigned to. Your inventory command center will manage lot numbers, serial numbers, and the expiration dates.

Overhead View of Warehouse

Receive & Put Away Goods

Simplify your ‘putaway’ process. Receive and store your items with a computer, tablet or smartphone while documenting lot numbers and expiration dates. Set default locations or split them up in multiple locations for an enhanced picking process. Capture important information like expiration dates or
lot numbers.

Industrial Building

Multi-Warehouse Ready

If managing inventory across multiple warehouses has you stressed, we can help you be multi-warehouse ready. You have the handle on where items are stored, which marketplaces are connected, the types of shipping strategies per location, and more. Managing multiple warehouses has never been easier. 


Low Stock Alerts & More

Know when your stock levels are low with email notifications and SMS messages sent to specified users, vendors, clients and more. You’ll receive reminders about stock levels, expiration dates, and when it is depleted. 

Inventory Checking

Cycle Counting

Completing regular counts to track inventory is essential to maintain your warehouse. Cycle counting allows your operation to run smoothly while our app counts locations based on your chosen criteria, saving you money and time.   

Taking Inventory at Warehouse

Par Levels

Excess inventory means more costs for your business. With our application, you will have the optimized amount of items to fulfill your orders while also leaving time for item reorders. With an efficient warehouse, you'll have more money in your pocket.

Businessman on Phone

Multiple Views

Information available when you need it. Gain insight to your data with warehouse, location, and vendor filters. Delve into your inventory with search by SKU, description, or category. 



Make the best purchasing decisions by replenishing stock. Manage vendor catalogs including lead times, order minimums, and pricing. Boost operating efficiency. Group items into kits and automatically update inventory for
each item.

Chatting at Warehouse

Support Your Team

Support your team by giving them access to the resources and tools they need to succeed with unlimited user accounts and unlimited integrations.

Ready to Gain Command of Your Inventory?

Book a consultation with an expert for a live Q&A session and product tour!

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